Cell Line Development

We offer efficient, flexible and high performing mammalian cell line development to transform your research into drug substances

Leveraging the internal expression vector engineering expertise, we have optimized and engineered the proprietary vectors with selection stringency to be used with our proprietary host cell line, expediting robust cell line development with improved productivity.

Our proprietary high-performance CHO-K1-derived host cell line has clear history with complete cell line lineage and documentation, and is qualified by microorganism tests. The IP landscape of both host cell line and vectors are well-understood with freedom-to-operate.

To cater to the increasing regulatory requirement, we have employed state-of-the-art single cell printer and high-resolution imaging system to ensure monoclonality with full traceability and speeding up the single cell cloning process.

Our team specialists with depth and breadth of cell line development know-how have extensive experience in therapeutic protein development including difficult-to-express targets. They are capable of delivering single clones with high potency timely, in a cost-effective manner. The  yield achieved more than 10 g/L.