Chime Biologics Announces a Collaboration with Stemirna Therapeutics

  • Chime Biologics,  a leading CDMO that enables its partners’ success in biologics therapeutic development, announced a strategic cooperation agreement with Stemirna Therapeutics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. . Stemirna Therapeutics is a world-leading platform innovative pharmaceutical company engaged in the research and development and production of innovative mRNA vaccines, delivery technology of nano-liposome parcel, and innovative high-end nano-pharmaceutical platforms. Chime will provide  advanced technologies and experience in clinical and commercial manufacturing, as well as sterile fill finish service to provide a comprehensive and in-depth cooperation.

According to the strategic collaboration agreement, Chime Biologics will provide drug product manufacturing services for the clinical trial samples and commercialized novel mRNA vaccines and other product filling to meet the clinical and commercial manufacturing needs of Stemirna Therapeutics in overseas market.

Chime will launch DP-2 and DP-3 plants, which have capacities of 150,000 and 300,000 batches, respectively, with annual filling capacities up to 50 million and 100 million doses.  Those plants,  will provide filling services to meet the overseas clinical development and commercialization demands of Stemirna Therapeutics.

Dr. Li Hangwen, Chairman and CEO of Stemirna Therapeutics, stated, “We are the first company that owns intellectual property rights for the mRNA full industry chain technology platform in China. And we are pleased to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with Chime Biologics this time. Chime Biologics has a leading CDMO service platform that is dedicated to the development and commercialization of biologics. It has a lot of experience in clinical trial samples as well as manufacturing and sterile fill finish service. We believe that this collaboration will greatly assist us in the manufacturing of our overseas products.”

About Stemirna Therapeutics

Stemirna Therapeutics founded in Shanghai in 2016, is the world-leading platform innovative pharmaceutical company engaged in the research and development and production of innovative mRNA vaccines and the delivery technology of nano-liposome parcel. It is also the only company in China that has the knowledge of mRNA design, synthesis and modification technology, liposome parcel technology and large-scale production technology. And the realization of the production of relevant equipment independent design and research and development of innovative vaccine research and development enterprises. Among them, the self-developed novel coronavirus mRNA vaccine has been authorized for emergency use (EUA) in Laos, and the personalized tumor vaccine has started phase I clinical trials in Australia.

About Chime Biologics

Chime Biologics is a leading CDMO that has introduced the first modular biopharmaceutical plant KUBio in the world to empower its partners’ success in biologics in the whole process from cell line development to commercial manufacturing. Relying on cell line development and advanced technology development from our Shanghai Innovation Center and proven success in IND-enabling through BLA filing at its Wuhan plant, Chime Biologics is providing a one-stop CMC solution for biopharmaceutical customers around the world. We share a common goal to make cutting-edge biomedicines affordable and accessible to all patients globally, fulfilling its commitment to human health.