Chime Biologics Announces a Strategic Collaboration with MABGEEK to Accelerate the development of Monoclonal Antibody MG-K10

March 9, 2022, Shanghai – Chime Biologics signed a strategic collaboration agreement with Shanghai MABGEEK Biotechnology Co., Ltd for the class I biologics MG-K10, a humanized monoclonal antibody. Chime Biologics will jointly promote the clinical study and commercial manufacturing of novel biologics for respiratory and immune diseases with MABGEEK, to benefit patients suffering from atopic dermatitis and asthma.

According to Prevalence, risk factors, and management of Asthma in China prepared by Academician Wang Chen’s team and published in The Lancet, the incidence of asthma among people aged 20 years and above in China was 4.2%, 4.6% of them were male and 3.7% for female, with the total number of 45.7 million (male 25.7 million and female 20 million). In the circumstance of a large base of asthma patients and a high incidence rate in China, as well as no better drug options clinically, MABGEEK takes the lead in China in terms of research on novel antibody drugs for respiratory immunity. According to the existing pre-clinical and Phase I clinical study results, MG-K10 showed an increase in half-life period and a high bioavailability, with the potential to achieve longer dosing intervals and lower medication costs in the future.

In this strategic collaboration, Chime Biologics will provide support to MABGEEK in technology transfer, process scale-up, process characterization and, process validation, as well as the GMP manufacturing and BLA of the monoclonal antibody project MG-K10. MABGEEK will fully leverage Chime extensive experience in commercial manufacturing of cGMP 2000L drug substance, late-stage CMC development and BLA to accelerate the commercialization of MG-K10, thus making the drug more accessible to the patients.

Dr. Zeng Xianfang, CEO of Chime Biologics, said, “We are honored to enter into such an important collaboration with MABGEEK, a platform-based new pharmaceutical company with long-term innovation capabilities, to jointly drive the commercialization of MG-K10, a novel biologic against respiratory and immune diseases. We believe that through the cooperation, we will accelerate the development and marketing of this innovative drug, thus contributing to the development of therapy against respiratory and immune diseases.”

Dr. Zhang Chenghai, Founder and CEO of MABGEEK Bio, said, “MG-K10 is the first clinically investigated antibody drug targeting IL-4Rα, self-developed by MABGEEK. We are very pleased to enter into a strategic partnership with Chime Biologics on such an important project. We are committed to benefiting all patients worldwide with our advanced technology, robust manufacturing control and improved quality system, which coincides with the vision of MABGEEK. We believe that our professional CDMO capabilities will efficiently promote the smooth marketing of this drug.”

About Chime Biologics

Chime Biologics is a leading CDMO that has introduced the first modular biopharmaceutical plant KUBio in the world to empower its partners’ success in biologics in the whole process from cell line development to commercial manufacturing. Relying on cell line development and advanced technology development from our Shanghai Innovation Center and proven success in IND-enabling through BLA filing at its Wuhan plant, Chime Biologics is providing a one-stop CMC solution for biopharmaceutical customers around the world. We share a common goal to make cutting-edge biomedicines affordable and accessible to all patients globally, fulfilling its commitment to human health.