Chime Biologics Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary – New Journey, Go Beyond

May 19th, 2023, Wuhan –– Chime Biologics, a leading contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), held a successful event at its headquarter in Wuhan, celebrating its 10-year anniversary with the theme “New Journey, Go Beyond”.

The celebration was marked by a formal ceremony followed by informative panel discussions. Mr. Li Shiting, representing Wuhan local government, began the ceremony with a warm introduction of the East Lake High-tech Zone. Chime Biologics Chairman James Huang and VMS Group Chairman Benny Chong also gave speeches and welcomed the esteemed guests attending the event.

James Huang, Chairman of Chime Biologics

Chairman James Huang remarked “We have accomplished a lot over the last 10 years, I am grateful to all the support from governmental leaders at all levels. I would like to thank our fellow industry colleagues and customers for their collaboration, and especially to all our employees for their perseverance and contributions.”

Benny Chong, Chairman of VMS Group

VMS Group Chairman Benny Chong remarked “Congratulations on the 10-year success, Chime Biologics is one of our most important investments. In 2019 we assessed a number of CDMO companies and were particularly impressed with the technical expertise and human talents of Chime Biologics. Of particular importance to us is Chime Biologics commitment to high quality standard. As the two largest shareholders along with our partner Chow Tai Fook Enterprises, we are quite confident about the bright future of Chime Biologics.

〈New Journey,Go Beyond

The ”New Journey, God Beyond” celebration officially kicked off with the sound of traditional Chime Bells. Among the VIP guests in attendance were Dan Changchun (Vice Chairman of Wuhan City’s Large Health and Biotechnology Industry and Director of the Office), Yan Zhongning (member of the Wuhan Municipal Government), Zhang Quan (executive deputy director of the Investment Promotion Office of Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Commerce), Dr. Mary Hu (Co-CEO of Lepu Biopharma and Dean of Future Technology Institute), Dr.Ruiping Xiao (Peking University) and etc.

Dr. Jimmy Wei, President of Chime Biologics

During the ceremony, Chime Biologics President Dr. Jimmy Wei gave a speech on the “New Chime Biologics business model”. He presented that “Chime Biologics is building a meaningful business ecosystem to ensure rapid development for customers. This ecosystem encompasses everything from venture capital to corporate management and business, global BD platform and talent resources, as well as drug discovery platform, GLP animal platform, biologics CDMO, clinical trial platform and regulatory resources to support corporate pipeline R&D”. At the same time President Wei emphasized “The new business model demonstrates our willingness to share the risk and grow with our customers. Chime Biologics is committed to providing a full range of biological drug solutions. Give us an idea, and we will give you a product.”.

〈New opportunities in popular tracks

Dr. Mary Hu, CEO of Lepu Biopharma

Dr. Ruiping Xiao M.D., Ph.D., Dean of College of Future Technology Peking University, Founder, Chairperson of the Board, HopeMedicine

Before the panel discussions, Dr. Mary Hu (CEO, Lepu Biopharma) gave a speech titled “Current Landscape and Opportunities in ADC Drug Development”, followed by Dr. Ruiping Xiao’s (Peking University)  speech about NEJM and Clinical Research and Drug Development in China.

〈The new decade, pharmaceutical innovation and challenges〉

Over 10 entrepreneurs, researchers and investors discussed topics related to “The future of Chinese pharmaceuticals in the next 10 years”, “How China pharmaceuticals might overcome the investment winter” and other topics. The list of topics included the future of innovation in China’s pharmaceutical industry, developmental trends of pharmaceutical innovation, and the breakthrough of the financing dilemma of innovative pharmaceutical enterprises, among other key points in the industry.

In addition to the esteemed panelists, Chime biologics partners, a dozen media outlets, and over a hundred external guests were witnesses to Chime Biologics “New Journey, Go Beyond” historic moment.

It is worth noting that during the celebration, Chime Biologics prepared a special performance utilizing the Chimes from the Chu culture. The guests were able to travel through time to listen to the heavenly chimes of eras past. Chime Biologics brand logo was inspired from the Chime bells which originated from the Hubei Provincial Museum.

“We thank our partners and industry colleagues for their trust and support, for witnessing our growth every step of the way.” Chime Biologics President asserted “In the past 10 years, Chime Biologics adhered to the spirit of entrepreneurship and strived to provide all encompassing solutions. From here on out, we will continue to work with our partners, to share risk and grow together. To build a future pharmaceutical research and development complex in Wuhan.” In the next years Chime Biologics will continue to strengthen its ecosystem, to continue expanding into global market, and to push pharmaceutical business development.