Chime Biologics Establishes The European Business Center in Germany to Expand CDMO Service into European Market

  • As Europe represents a significant market for the biopharmaceutical industry in the world, Chime Biologics will accelerate the pace of “going global” to actively expand into the European market from Germany.
  • Chime Biologics has successfully passed many audits of the quality system by domestic and international customers and EU QP and obtained the drug production license issued by NMPA in July 2022. Our quality system is supported by years of experience of our expert team accumulated in biopharmaceutical.
  • In the future, we will further broaden our footprint into the global market, and provide reliable, fast, and efficient one-stop CDMO services for global biopharmaceutical customers.

Berlin, Germany, October 1, 2022 – Chime Biologics, a leading CDMO company, has officially opened the European Business Center in Germany, taking a firm and crucial step forward to enter the European market. We are globally customer-oriented and committed to meeting the growing demand for one-stop biopharmaceutical services for the benefit of patients worldwide. It is also an important step for us following the establishment of Chime Biologics Innovation Center (cell line development and advanced technologies) in Shanghai Zhangjiang Science City in 2021. It lays a foundation for the global development strategy of our company, ensuring that we can provide services for more overseas customers and help them more efficiently.

Berkan Ünal
Chime Biologics
Business Development of Europe

Mr. Berkan Ünal, BD of Europe, has joined Chime Biologics to work as the Head of the European Business Center. He has served the biopharmaceutical industry for many years and has built a strong connection with global executives in the biopharmaceutical industry. Before joining us, he served several international CDMOs and has a proven track record in business development. As he had studied bioprocess engineering and medical biotechnology at SRH Hochschule Berlin, Humber College and Imperial College London, his joining will help us to expand rapidly into the European market.

With the establishment of our EU Business Center, we are actively expanding our market presence and customer base in the European market by participating in local conferences and effective networking • October 24-26, BIO-Europe 2022 in Leipzig, Germany; • November 1-3, CPHI Worldwide 2022 in Frankfurt, Germany; • November 2-4, Festival of Biologics 2022 in Basel, Switzerland. Looking ahead to 2023, we will accelerate our pace of “going global” to actively expand into the European market from Germany. In the future, we will be more engaged in the international European biopharmaceutical conferences.

To date, Chime Biologics has manufactured clinical trial samples for customers in more than 20 countries. Our quality system is validated through audits by many domestic and international customers and EU QP. We passed the registration site audit for development and production and GMP compliance inspection by the NMPA, Hubei Province, proving our development and commercialization capacities.

James Huang
Executive Chairman

“The establishment of the European Business Center is a milestone for Chime Biologics in the journey towards the overseas market. In the future, we will further broaden our way into the global market in a faster manner and empower our global partners.”

Currently, Chime Biologics is headquartered in Wuhan, Hubei Province, with the manufacturing base located in Biolake, Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone (Optics Valley). We have the first modular biopharmaceutical factory, KUBio, with multiple 2000L disposable bioreactors, as well as three advanced isolator DP lines for injection, lyophilization and pre-filling. In 2021, Chime Biologics Innovation Center, which focuses on the development of cell lines and advanced technologies, was established in Shanghai Zhangjiang Science City. In 2022, our first commercial manufacturing project in cooperation with Lepu Biopharma – the anti PD-1 monoclonal antibody Puyouheng ™ (pucotenlimab injection) was approved for marketing. Now, the commercial manufacturing of the antibody is in progress in Chime Biologics.