Chime Biologics Wins “TOP CDMO IN APAC 2022”

  • Chime Biologics wins the “TOP CDMO IN APAC 2022”, issued by Pharma Tech Outlook, a well-known international pharmaceutical magazine, to the top 10 companies in APAC at the forefront of providing CDMO solutions and transforming businesses based on the analysis of the industry’s overall situation.

In the post-pandemic era, all biopharmaceutical companies want to capture new business opportunities and shorten the time to market. However, the investment in new technologies is a huge burden. That is the reason they turn to CDMOs who have production lines applying cutting-edge technologies that can expand capacity and provide services in a fast and flexible way to meet diversified needs.

James Huang, Chairman of Chime Biologics, said, “We pledge to make world-class biopharmaceuticals affordable and accessible to patients worldwide through technological and manufacturing innovation, as well as a flexible business model to promote human health.”

In recent years, Chime Biologics has shifted to a new business model of “Grow with Customers”, not providing CDMO services only. Through a customized flexible payment framework, allowing customer to pay part of the payment first, and the remaining can after marketing approve the drugs or successful financing.  

The international quality systems of Chime Biologics meet the requirements of different markets, including US, Europe and China. The GE KUBio headquartered in Wuhan is the first modular biopharmaceutical manufacturing plant in the world that complies with international cGMP standards and passes all audits by 100%. It has undoubtedly laid a solid foundation for Chime Biologics to successfully provide commercial manufacturing or clinical samples for clients in more than 20 countries, including 2 products in BLA stage.  

Located in Shanghai Zhangjiang Science City, Chime Biologics Innovation Center, focuses on highly efficient cell line development and the state-of-art development of early-stage projects. Combined with Chime Biologics Wuhan manufacturing facility which has successful experience in multi-country clinical trial applications and new drug launches. We are dedicated to becoming a leading international biopharmaceutical R&D center. Chime Biologics Innovation Center currently provides the services of cell line development, early-stage drug candidate preparation, drug developability studies as well as process development, with the initial capacity to undertake more than 20 biologics projects each year.

Experienced Team

The core executive team of Chime Biologics are staffed with experts from different countries around the world, including USA, Singapore, India, etc. That have rich experience in leading international pharmaceutical enterprises and CDMOs. At the same time, Chime Biologics makes great efforts to seek talents from local, helping them grow with the company.

In 2023, Chime Biologics will continue to leverage advanced technology and international marketing experience to provide efficient, high-quality development and commercial manufacturing services of biologics.

About Chime Biologics

Chime Biologics is a leading CDMO with the world’s first modular biopharmaceutical factory, KUBio. It empowers the entire biologics processes – from cell line development to commercial manufacturing. Chime Biologics provides one-stop CMC solutions to worldwide biomedical customers, relying on cell line development and advanced technology development from its Shanghai Innovation Center and proven success in IND-enabling through BLA filing at its Wuhan campus. We share a common goal to make cutting-edge biologics affordable and accessible to all patients globally, fulfilling its commitment to human health.