Chime Biologics and AKSO Biopharmaceutical Announce a Strategic Collaboration

On May 18th, 2020, Chime Biologics (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. (” Chime Biologics “) and AKSO Biopharmaceutical, Inc. (“AKSO”) reached a strategic cooperation agreement. Chime Biologics focuses on providing end-to-end developing and manufacturing service empowering biotech companies around the globe to bring life-changing medicines to the market with expedite timeline. AKSO is a late-preclinical stage biopharmaceutical company focusing on the research and development of innovative cancer therapeutics for global markets.

In partnership with AKSO, Chime Biologics will provide a fully integrated CDMO services and commercialized production, supporting AKSO to establish a series of biologic therapeutics research and development platform.

Chime Biologics will take advantage of depth and breadth of experience and reliability of quality in biologics industrialization to facilitate the development of AKSO’s lead programs AB001 and AB002, and other early-stage products in the company’s pipeline.

“We are honored to establish a long-term strategic cooperative relationship with AKSO even though AKSO did not visit our company. We feel a great honor and are willing to offer the best service to ensure the rapid progress and sound quality of AB001 and AB002 and other product pipeline development .” Said Peter Pang, general manager of Chime Biologics. “Although the epidemic has a great impact on the whole country, especially Wuhan, it will not have a negative impact on Chime Biologics ‘s CDMO services. At present, we have full-scale resumed work, continued to provide efficient and high-quality services to customers. Chime Biologicals is planning to expand the capacity in stages, gradually improving and enhancing the mass production capacity based on a sound quality management system, and looking forward to reaching extensive cooperation with customers worldwide to make world-class biopharmaceuticals affordable and accessible to all patients globally.”

“We are pleased to become a strategic partner with Chime Biologics. Perfect combining AKSO’s innovative research and development with Chime Biologics’ full suite of end to end CDMO services with exceptional efficiency and flexibility can contribute rapid progress of AB001 and AB002.” Eric Zhang, CEO of AKSO said.