CDMO Services

We offer full suite of end to end CDMO services with exceptional efficiency and flexibility to meet your business needs. Our thorough knowledge of global regulatory compliance ensures the quality assurance of the drug substances and drug product manufactured. As of today, Chime Biologics has supplied clinical materials for various stages of clinical trials worldwide.

Cell Line Development

We offer efficient, flexible and high performing mammalian cell line development to transform your research into drug substances 

Process Development

Our highly-skilled teams with proven track record of scaling up expedite robust and cost-effective process development

Protein Science

We offer a full spectrum of structural and functional analytical service to support the development and manufacturing lifecycle

Technology Transfer

We offer flexible and efficient approach for technical transfer, leveraging our scientific expertise to allow seamless and effective executions

Drug Substance Manufacturing

Chime Biologics is the first to embrace modular facilities with single-use bioprocessing technology. Our world's first modular biomanufacturing facility meets international cGMP standards

Drug Product Manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art filling facility provides fully automated final drug product formulation and aseptic processing to facilitate your path to clinic

Quality System

Our sound quality system with extensive certifications demonstrates our commitment in quality, integrity and competency

Regulatory Support

We provide comprehensive support for global regulatory application, validating the reliability of your supply and our consistent high quality

Project Management

We are committed to building lasting relationship with you by striving to provide consistently superior project services

Data Integrity

We integrate technology and innovation in our quality management system to assure dataEnsuring authenticity, completeness and accuracy

Client Confidential Information Protection Policy

We are strictly abided by business integrity and professional compliance. Taking the uttermost care in protecting your rights