Chime Biologics Announces Marc Funk as New Board Director

(Mar 22, 2021 Wuhan, China) Chime Biologics is pleased to announce the appointment of Marc Funk to its Board of Directors.

Marc brings more than 20 years of leadership and industry experience in the global CDMO space. As the former CEO of Lonza Group, Marc has led the transformation and global development of Lonza Group into the world’s largest CDMO in the biotech industry. Prior to becoming the CEO of Lonza Group, Marc has been the COO and President for Lonza Pharma & Biotech. Since 2014 Marc has transformed Lonza Pharma & Biotech by consolidating its operations all over the world and bringing its quality and operational standard to a world-class level. Under his leadership Lonza Group has enjoyed seven consecutive years of rapid business growth. As a world-renowned business leader, Marc has accumulated vast industry experience and deep business connections across the whole healthcare continuum in Europe, North America and Far east.

“We welcome Marc to join the Board of Directors of Chime Biologics and serve as a director.” said Mr. James Huang, Executive Chairman of Chime Biologics. “With his rich and outstanding professional knowledge and industry experience, we trust Marc could contribute a lot to the long-term strategic and business development of Chime Biologics.”

“Chime Biologics is right at the stage of rapid business expansion. We look forward to the guidance and support by a reputable and resourceful business leader and veteran in the global CDMO space like Marc himself. We also trust Marc could bring a lot of new development opportunities to Chime Biologics.” said Mr. Andrew Ng, Board Director of Chime Biologics.

“I am honored to join Chime Biologics and look forward to helping Chime Biologics achieve one milestone after another along the way.” Marc Funk said. “I am attracted by Chime Biologics’ vision to make world-class biologics affordable and accessible to all patients globally through technology and manufacturing innovation. Its commitment to deliver customer-centric contract development and manufacturing services with greater quality, speed and efficiency is also what I have upheld for all along. The global market for CDMO is very promising and Chime Biologics has a very good track record, deep industry knowhow and strong market presence. They are determined to constantly improve its technology, quality, production capacity and management in order to meet the increasing market demand of top biologics CDMO services. I am very excited about Chime Biologics’ potential to become one of the leading CDMO companies at the global arena in the foreseeable future.”


Chime Biologics is a world-class CDMO with operations in China that provides customer-centric and cost-effective outsourcing services for biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing. Its world’s first GE KuBio facility is located at Wuhan’s BioLake biotech industry development zone of China, with clear path to expand the total capacity up to 140,000+ liter in the near future. Chime Biologics is ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certified, and is committed to uphold the highest degree of integrity. Since 2016 Chime Biologics has been providing customers with clinical materials for pre-clinical and clinical stages globally and supporting their production scales from 50L, 200L, 500L to 2,000L across IND-enabling studies to late-stage CMC. Since then, Chime Biologics has been providing clinical supply to over 20 countries worldwide.