Chime Biologics Entered into a Strategic Cooperation with JADE Biomedical to Provide International One-Stop CMC Service

Wuhan, China, September 28, 2021 – Chime Biologics entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Jade Biomedical.

In this strategic cooperation, Chime Biologics will entrust JADE Biomedical as the preferred delegated laboratory for material safety testing in the international CDMO business. Both sides will provide high-quality and professional services to customers,  regarding the establishment of a quality management system, material control strategy, method validation, material safety and other GMP regulations require testing,  as well as material/supplier management and CMC strategy, biologics CDMO and global registration application.

Dr. Claudia Lin, Founder and CEO of JADE Biomedical, and Dr. Zeng Xianfang, CEO of Chime Biologics, attended the signing ceremony.

Dr. Claudia Lin stated, “Chime Biologics is a technology-driven biopharmaceutical CDMO service platform with strong competitiveness, relying on its own advantages in process development, scale-up and commercial manufacturing, it has formed a strong complement with JADE Biomedical, making this collaboration expectable and surprising. I hope we can move forward together to achieve our long-term strategic goals and witness the rise of China’s innovative biopharmaceutical industry.”

Dr. Zeng Xianfang said, “We are pleased to enter into a cooperation with JADE Biomedical. With its international standard quality control and management system as well as professional GMP safety testing services, the cooperation will further enhance our one-stop CDMO service capability, providing better services to our global customers.”

About JADE Biomedical

Suzhou JADE Biomedical, a company committed to providing quality control and management systems and GMP testing services in line with international standards for biopharmaceutical companies, aims to help drug R&D companies address key deficiencies of China’s biopharmaceutical industry, so as to improve the success rate of early R&D projects in industrialization, thereby promoting the development of biopharmaceutical industry in China.

Based on the GMP requirements of FDA/EMA/China, today’s industry standards, as well as the international quality management systems, the company provides precise, efficient and compliant quality solutions covering process development – IND – phase I, II, III clinical trials to NDA/BLA, pre-marketing approval and post-marketing GMP inspection, including CMC quality consulting services and product safety testing according to GMP throughout the life cycle of biologics with international advanced concepts, tools and technologies. Since its establishment, the company has served more than 40 domestic leading biopharmaceutical companies and international novel drug companies in various fields such as CMC, product quality management, IND application, QC method validation and testing, GMP plant validation and cold chain management. The services provided by JADE Biomedical fills the gap left by domestic biopharmaceuticals in international GMP quality service and will continue to drive the industrialization of China’s biopharmaceutical industry.

About Chime Biologics

Chime Biologics is a leading CDMO with the world’s first modular biopharmaceutical factory, KUBio. It empowers the entire biologics processes – from cell line development to commercial manufacturing. Chime Biologics provides one-stop CMC solutions to worldwide biomedical customers, relying on cell line development and advanced technology development from its Innovation Center in Shanghai and proven success in IND-enabling through BLA filing at its Wuhan campus. We share a common goal to make cutting-edge biologics affordable and accessible to all patients globally, fulfilling its commitment to human health.